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Glass Side Glow Fibre Optic Harnesses

The only UK manufacturer of raw fibre for fibre optic harnesses

UFO glass fibre optic harnesses offer unparalleled light output, very long life and extraordinary colour characteristics.

Benefits of UFO side glow glass fibre include:

  • Unique fused technology
  • Resistance to high temperatures which offers the greatest possible light output without heat filters
  • UV resistant common end
  • Flexible multi-fibre construction
  • High packing density which ensures compatibility with tightly focussed light sources
  • High quality glass fibres offering exceptional transmission and colour characteristics
  • Factory terminated common ends for superior quality, performance and longevity

Features & Specifications

Outer diameter 2.2mm
Core 1.1mm cracked glass bundle
Sheathing material Transparent PVC
Max. tails per light source 450
Max run length 10m with 150W metal halide light source, 4m with 100W tungsten halogen light source
Common end 30mm fused technology

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