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Fibre Optic Cabinet & Display Lighting

The UFO Mini Crook System


Stainless steel


Natural stainless steel

Mounting method

Mounting foot

Fibre sizes

4.3mm diameter

Ordering code

See table below

Product Code Dimension A Dimension B
MC45-180 45° 180mm
MC45-305 45° 305mm
MC65-180 65° 180mm
MC65-305 65° 305mm

See CAD image for dimension A and B positions.

The UFO Mini Crook is an optional termination to a fibre tail which holds the fibre at an angle from vertical and is very useful for illuminating a static arrangement of objects.

There are 4 configurations of the Mini Crook available as standard (see table above) which allow for variation in the overall height of the Crook and the angle of the light output.

Mounting feet, part number ABR06, are also available. These provide a decorative flange around the base of the crook as well as allowing for adjustment to be made from underneath the display case mounting surface.

Please note that the Mini Crook is attached to a harness and is not an interchangeable fitting.